Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi and Slifer the Sky Dragon Statue

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Taka Corp Studio Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi and Slifer the Sky Dragon Statue

“It’s time for the duel!”

Yugi is a young teenager who leads a quiet existence and goes, like any good boy of his age, to high school where he is sometimes a little heckled. He was raised by his grandfather who runs a game and various objects store.

The latter one day gives  Yugi  a thousand-year-old puzzle which is said to contain a secret, a secret hitherto untouched. As a sign of fate,  Yugi  manages to piece together the puzzle in the shape of a small pyramid. A second personality is revealed in him, that of a much darker Yugi who does not tolerate any injustice.

Taka Corp Studio  plunges into a duel and faces  Yugi Muto  who summons the terrible and fearsome  Slifer the Sky Dragon . Yugi  wears the famous thousand-year-old puzzle around his neck, his dueling disc on his wrist and his eyes shining with determination. The dangerous  Slifer  coils behind him in an arc of power. Its gaping mouth with sharp fangs exudes a ferocity that makes its opponent tremble.

This extremely realistic painting and sculpture marvel measures 51cm high by 54cm wide with a depth of 45cm. The resin statue will awaken thanks to all the details including the cloud of dust reinforcing the brutal side of the Celestial Dragon associated with electric blue lightning.

An ensemble that is both harmonious and spicy with ferocity. Yûgi  summons one of his most powerful cards to defeat his opponent and win this duel at the top.

On your cards, let the duel begin!

Each statue is numbered with certificate of authenticity in its packaging.

Concept art: Clément Caron

Sculptor: Sergio Perez Lopez

Material: Resin

Limited to 555 copies

Scale: 1/6

Size: H 51cm, W 54cm, P 45cm

Editor: Taka Corp Studio


  • Editor: Taka Corp Studio
  • Height (cm): 51
  • Licenses: Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Material: Resin
  • Theme: Manga & Animations
  • Character: Yami Yugi