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ESPADA is proud to introduce the general of The Empire, leader of the Jaegers, and wielder of the most powerful Imperial Arm (Demon’s Extract), Esdeath. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide.



We aimed to create a statue that perfectly encompassed Esdeath’s power and beauty. This can be seen in the sweeping motion of her left arm, as she summons her ice spikes forward. This statue comes with two additional interchangeable left arms to give a customizable feel depending on the collector’s preference. One arm consists of Esdeath holding her ice sword, taken from the climatic battle against Akame. The second additional arm gives the sense that she is raising the ice from below the ground. Created in 1/6th scale, this statue is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and will come with a certificate of authenticity and assembly instructions booklet. 



Akame ga Kill!1/6thH:17  W:15  D:15Q1 2021


Kevin Orozco, Duncan Capriotti & Jose GarciaThiago Richau & Ramon RalvezFabiano Carlos Coelho & Alan SalesDaehwan Huang & Tom Mcweeney