Rebirth Series: Bizarro 1:6 Scale Statue

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From DC Comics, Bizarro is immortalized with this supremely detailed cold-cast porcelain statue. Each 1:6 scale statue is painstakingly handcrafted and individually hand-painted with the famous XM quality finish.

Size matters, but Quality even more so! The DC Premium Collectibles 1:6 collection features a space friendly design that doesn’t leave out the incredible details and quality of larger collectible pieces. At 1:6 scale, the statues showcase more abilities, powers and essence of the characters in a bold, dynamic and story telling style. This line will amaze you with the details you don’t expect at this scale. Smaller scale, smaller boxes, all at a more affordable price means you can fit more of these incredibly detailed collectibles into your collection! 



  • Made of cold-cast porcelain
  • Limited edition
  • Handcrafted
  • Individually hand-painted



12.20 x 14.96 x 17.71 inches (31cm x 38cm x 45cm)