One Piece Ikigai Kazuki Oden Statue

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Tsume Art One Piece Ikigai Kazuki Oden Statue

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Inspired by the illustrations of Eiichiro Oda, Oden Ikigai By Tsume is pictured here as he prepares to attack Kaido in Wano Country!

As a true follower of two-saber combat, the colossal Daimyo has developed his own Nitoryu : the Oden Two-Sword Style. He rushes straight at his enemy by crossing his two legendary swords, Ame no Habakiri ” the saber that can slice Heaven itself ” with Enma ” the saber that can cut through the depths of Hell “, draining all his Armament Haki. The leader of the Nine Red Scabbards owns the only weapon capable of injuring Kaido and shows no mercy. Resting on a few rocky clusters and reflecting on the black lacquered base, we find the symbolic bird of the Kozuki family, forever engraved in wood and memories.


  • 17.5 x 14.17 x 8.85 inches (44.5cm x 36cm x 22.5cm)
  • 1/6 Scale
  • Made of Resin and PVC
  • From the One Piece anime
  • The second statue of the Ikigai line