Terminator Quarter Scale Statue

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Armed with his AR-18 and the famous SPAS-12, the Terminator eliminates anyone who stands in its way. In a pose recreating his walk full of determination, the cyborg sent by Skynet walks the corridors of the police station. With the use of a semi-translucent resin for the flesh parts, the level realism is second to none.

Although he wears his famous sunglasses, the details of the Terminator’s human eye as well as the cybernetic eye are there and pushed to the maximum.

The base depicts the floor of the Police Station, with the cartridges fired by the Terminator. The bottom part of the base takes inspiration from the design of the Endoskeleton which makes for an elegant result.
Everything has been thought out in order to offer you the ultimate version of the T-800 in 1/4 Scale.


  • DIMENSIONS: H60cm x W30cm x D49cm
  • LICENSEThe Terminator
  • SCALE1/4
  • SCULPTORS: Pierre-Marie Albert, Gabriel Lemaire
  • PAINTERS: Kevin Ferrer