ROBO DUO Evangelion Production Model-02

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ThreeZero ROBO DUO Evangelion Production Model-02

From the anime film “Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition,” comes the ROBO-DOU Evangelion Production Model-02!

The ROBO-DOU Evangelion Production Model-02 collectible is a non-scale articulated figure approximately 9.8″ tall with a remarkable die-cast mainframe that provides 48 points of articulation. Featuring Threezero’s renowned paint application technique to highlight all the mechanical details.

This figure includes many interactive features to increase playability. Among these include a pair of jetpack add-ons and aerodynamic stabilizers that are interchangeable with the standard shoulder and forearm pieces, respectively, which combine to form the Evangelion Custom Skydive Unit Type S Components. The Entry Plug hatch can be opened to reveal the Entry Plug inside, and includes two Entry Plug accessories; both a short Entry Plug for inserted mode, and a long Entry Plug for extracted mode. The figure also comes with an Umbilical Cable which can be attached to a socket in the back of the Eva figure.

Weapons include an Evangelion Custom Electrical Discharge Portable Ordinance “Thunder Spear”, an Evangelion Custom Super-Electromagnetic Crossbow, two Progressive Knives and two Pallet Rifles. The Thunder Spear is able to take both the extended and the retracted form by articulated joints. With a variety of interchangeable hands and an action stand, don’t miss your chance to add it to your Evangelion collection!


In 2019, Threezero has launched a new robot toy series “ROBO-DOU,” which is based on mecha from Japanese anime properties. The series focuses on smaller-sized figures. By partially utilizing die-cast zinc alloy, these feature a high range of articulation, but also provides satisfying weight and tactile value when held in your hands. Adding the fine paint application work that Threezero is known for, the “ROBO-DOU” series will be redefining robot and mecha action figures!

Collectible Figure


The ROBO-DOU Evangelion Production Model-02 Figure features:

  • Approximately 25cm (9.8”) tall articulated figure (non-scale)
  • 48 points of articulation


  • Interchangeable Evangelion Custom Skydive Unit Type S Components: one (1) pair of Jetpack pieces for shoulders, one (1) pair of aerodynamic fins for forearms
  • Evangelion Custom Electrical Discharge Portable Ordinance “Thunder Spear”
  • Evangelion Custom Super-Electromagnetic Crossbow
  • Two (2) Progressive Knives
  • Two (2) Pallet Rifles
  • Two (2) interchangeable Entry Plugs: Short Entry Plug (for inserted mode), and long Entry Plug (for extracted mode)
  • Umbilical Cable
  • Interchangeable hands:
    – One (1) pair of relaxed hands
    – One (1) pair of open hands
    – One (1) pair of fists
    – One (1) pair of hands for holding rifles
    – One (1) pair of hands for holding Progressive Knife
  • ROBO-DOU action stand


ABS , POM , PVC , Zinc Alloy
Product Size
Height: 9.8″ (248.92 mm) | *
Box Size
Height: 5.00″ (127 mm) | Width: 9.00″ (228.6 mm) | Depth: 12.00″ (304.8 mm) | *
Dimensional Weight
3.00 lbs (1.36 kg) [Intl. 4.00 lbs (1.81 kg)]