Project BM! Kanedas Bike (Revival Version) – Akira

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Kaneda’s bike from the global anime hit AKIRA is about to explode into collections worldwide! This renewed edition comes 11 years after the first release: an incredibly accurate, heavy weight, and highly detailed portrayal of this iconic high-tech motorcycle. The front suspension, which is accentuated with chrome detailing, accurately flexes; pressing the accelerator pedal triggers an engine sound, while pressing the brake pedal triggers a tire-squealing effect. You can even connect it to external speakers for immersive, high-quality audio playback! (Note: the product itself is the same as that released in 2010.)
■ Product Specifications

Overall length: Approximately 500 mm
Material: ABS, PVC, die-cast

■ Set Contents

・ Kaneda’s motorcycle body
・ Front cowl
・ Light cover
・ Front wheel cover (right)
・ Front wheel cover (left)
・ Side cover (right)
・ Side cover (left)
・ Rear wheel cover (right)
・ Rear wheel cover (left)
・ Rear wheel frame cover
・ Tail cover
・ Side undercover (right)
・ Side undercover (left)
・ Stand auxiliary parts
・ AAA batteries (AAA) x 3 (sold separately)