Prime 1 Studio Daka Statue BERSERK Limited Collectible



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Prime 1 Studio Daka Statue BERSERK Limited Collectible

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present a great addition to the Ultimate Premium Masterline Series: the 1:4 Scale UPMBR-19: Prime 1 Studio Daka Statue BERSERK Limited Collectible!

Berserk is a highly acclaimed and influential manga series created by Kentaro Miura. Known for its dark and gritty themes, Berserk combines elements of dark fantasy, horror, and epic storytelling. Berserk is celebrated for its rich and detailed artwork, complex characters, and exploration of profound philosophical concepts. It has garnered a dedicated fan base worldwide for its unflinching portrayal of violence, intricate plot twists, and exploration of the human condition. Berserk remains a monumental work in the realm of manga and continues to captivate readers with its dark and harrowing narrative.

The Daka are the demonic army that Emperor Ganishka raised using secret arts. Their appearance resembles misshapen humans with horns, large teeth, and tusks. They fight with madu spears made of twisted horns and are fitted with lamellar armor. Standing approximately 19 inches tall, this is the perfect product to combine with the highly popular Guts Berserker Armor statue!

For the multitude of Berserk fans, and especially if you are looking to create a diorama with your Guts Berserker Armor…..the Prime 1 Studio Daka Statue BERSERK Limited Collectible is the one to buy!


  • Prototype samples shown.
  • Product details could be subject to change without further notice.
  • Please note the final product specifications may differ because each product is Handmade.
  • Since the product is still in the development stage, the Size (up to 10%) & Weight (up to 10kg) may be changed during the production stage.
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Ultimate Premium Masterline




1/4 Scale

Product Code


Product Size Approx.

H:49cm W:25cm D:46cm

Package Weight Approx.

about 4.5 kg


Polystone and other materials


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