PCS Chun-Li Life-Size Bust Street Fighter Limited Collectible



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PCS Chun-Li Life-Size Bust Street Fighter Limited Collectible

I won because I have a reason to fight.”

Premium Collectibles Studio presents the Chun-Li Life-Size Bust based on one of the most quintessential female characters of the popular Street Fighter franchise.

Standing at 35” high and 24” wide, this recreation of the “strongest woman in the world” presents Chun-Li posing in a martial arts salute atop a pedestal base, ready to take down any adversary that stands in the way of justice.

Chun-Li’s portrait features a lifelike silicone head and arms along with synthetic hair to create a fully formed realistic depiction of this female martial arts master. Mixed media accessories and white ribbons hold Chun-Li’s hair up in her iconic ox horn hairstyle. Along with her classic red eyeliner and pointed-brow look, Chun-Li’s expression is stoic and disciplined as a seasoned upholder of the law.

This piece packs an elegant punch with mixed media clothing portraying Chun-Li in her well-known blue qipao with gold accents and a white sash embroidered with a detailed pattern. On her wrists, Chun-Li also dons her trusty black bracelets with metallic spikes. The bronzed pedestal base is adorned with intricate designs and two sculpted Chinese dragons.

Be courageous and bring home a sophisticated Street Fighter staple today with the Chun-Li 1:1 Scale Bust!

Product Specifications PCS Chun-Li Life-Size Bust Street Fighter Limited Collectible

Street Fighter
Product Type:
Life-Size Bust
Manufactured by:
Product Size:
35″ H (889mm) x 16.5″ W (419.1mm) x 24″ L (609.6mm)


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