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Tsume One Piece Nami Statue HQS Dioramax

This HQS Dioramax Nami statue is an interpretation of the episode “A Lightning Counterattack! Nami and Zeus the Thundercloud” from the Whole Cake Island arc, during which Nami uses a lightning attack to help her friends escape Big Mom in the Seducing Woods!

As Luffy’s group treads the meringue soil of Whole Cake Island, surprises are in full swing! Seeing Sanji then losing sight of him, they sink dangerously into the mysterious Seducing Woods delightfully playing with their minds… Very dense, its flora is made up of Homies: living trees, candies and sweets in the Big Mom’s service… Deprived of King Baum, getting out of this cursed place where Nami’s log pose is out of order seems complicated but not impossible!

Intelligent and lucid, the Straw Hat Pirates’ navigator quickly understands that it’s a trap! Followed by Zeus, the Thundercloud with its cap, she intends to satisfy the overwhelming appetite of Big Mom’s homie to free her way! Attracting him with her delicious black balls which he loves, the mischievous cat burglar prepares a thunder plan, there is a storm brewing!

In her red dress, with her red hair tied back, her eyes glaring and her expression determined, Nami wields her Usopp-made Sorcery Climate-Tact high. We notice the blue tangerine and reel tattoo in homage to Bell-mère, Genzo and Nokijo on her arm, her gold bracelet offered by the latter and log pose on her left wrise. To protect her family, she must use a lightning attack: Zeus Breeze Tempo!

After Zeus eats one of her Weather Eggs and triples in size, Nami summons a gust of wind from her Clima-Tact and sends it flying at the menacing thundercloud with heart-shaped eyes, pink cheeks and tongue hanging out in delight! It then releases several lightning bolts and a terrible yellow transparent resin thunderbolt inflicting considerable damage on Big Mom and her homies! The grimacing tree serves as a thunderbolt, its leaves are blown away by violent gusts of transparent resin while the Emperor’ Knight, Rook, and Bishop soldiers are pulverized in the air! The illuminated lightning strike point shows the tasty panicked woods homies being engulfed by a Tsunami of glazed dark chocolate coulis!

Strawberries, smarties, donut with sky blue glaze with hazelnut slivers, pistachio ice cream cone, blueberry muffin with icing on the cake, raspberry lollipop, strawberry coulis shortbread cake, cream and caramel cake, pecan nut cookie or scoop of raspberry ice cream: all are swept away in this yummy avalanche of indulgence! Big Mom wanted to taste a wedding cake, and here she is satisfied!

The mandarin border of the base is reminiscent of Nami’s hair and accompanies the emblem of the Straw Hat Pirates, always ready to delight us!

Product Features

  • 25.2 inches tall (64cm)
  • Made of resin, PVC, and metal
  • Based on the One Piece anime series
  • Highly detailed sculpt
  • Features a numbered plate and a certificate of authenticity
  • Limited edition of 1,600 pieces

Box Contents

  • Nami statue
  • Certificate of authenticity


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