Nosferatu Zodd In Apostle Form

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“Death will pay you a visit!! A death you can never escape!!”

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present UPMBR-03: Nosferatu Zodd in Apostle Form from Berserk.
Nosferatu Zodd or Zodd the Immortal is a legendary sword master and recurring anti-villain throughout the series. Any battle in which he participates results in mountains of dead. He is a powerful apostle who travels from battlefield to battlefield seeking ever-stronger opponents. He serves as the rival of both the Skull Knight and Guts.

This Ultimate Premium Masterline Berserk series brings to life the popular Japanese dark fantasy comics/manga and crafted with attention to details and true to the original design of the character.

Nosferatu Zodd with LED Light up on eyes stand approximately 32 inches tall and 40 inches width representing one of the most iconic scenes of Zodd in his Apostle form.

A must-have piece for all Berserk fans.


  • Statue Size approximately 32 inches tall [(H):82.3cm (W):102.2cm (D):90.3cm]
  • One (1) designed theme base
  • LED Light-up feature on eyes
  • Limited quantity available


Formats: Ultimate Premium Masterline

Series: Berserk

Scale: Non Scale

Product Code: UPMBR-03

Product Size Approx.: H:82.3cm W:102.2cm D:90.3cm

Product Weight Approx.: 64.6kg

Material: Polystone