Nico Robin – Miss All Sunday

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Product Description

A brand new set of figures joins the Portrait Of Pirates ONE PIECE series – the “Playback Memories” series is designed to bring figures from the episodes of the past! The very first in the series is the vice president of Baroque Works and ultimate commander, Miss All Sunday!

She has a rather different appearance to the Nico Robin from the Straw Hat Pirates that we know today, but she definitely has her own mysterious charm which has been captured in beautiful detail on this figure! 

  • Series: One Piece
  • Manufacturer: Megahouse
  • Product Line: Portrait of Pirates: Playback Memories
  • Size: Approximately 240 mm tall
  • Material: PVC/ABS
  • US Release Date: September 2020

Product Features

  • 9.36 inches (23.77cm)
  • Made of ABS and PVC
  • Features Nico Robin as Miss All-Sunday