Michael Myers Statue

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PCS Michael Myers Statue

He came home!

PCS Collectibles presents the Michael Myers 1:4 Scale Statue, a terrifying take on the legacy of this iconic Halloween killer.

The Michael Myers 1:4 Scale Statue measures a menacing 23” tall, wielding his signature silver chef’s knife as he stands on a Myers house themed base measuring 9.25” in diameter. Beneath his feet are sculpted floorboards, and around the exterior is a highly detailed, faded façade of the haunted Haddonfield home.

Four different sculpted window reliefs depict essential scenes from Michael Myers’ murderous history around the base, including Michael’s first kill as a child, the deaths of Bob Simms and Annie Brackett, and the harrowing closet attack as seen from Laurie Strode’s perspective. Rendered in sepia and detailed in three dimensions, these windows provide a horrifying view into the bloodshed Myers has brought home with him.

The Michael Myers Statue features a mixed media costume, including full fabric work coveralls, carefully tailored to capture the killer’s signature shape and size. The infamous Myers mask is sculpted onto his portrait and features synthetic hair elements that add a degree of frightening realism to this detailed figure.

Bring home all the horror of Halloween with the Michael Myers 1:4 Scale Statue by PCS Collectibles today!

PCS Collectibles
  • Miguel Argueta (Sculpt)
  • Ralph Cordero (Sculpt)
  • Bryon Webster (Sculpt)
  • Hosein Diba (Sculpt)
  • Nathan Eakins (Sculpt) (Paint)
  • Sewing Goddess (Costume Fabrication)
  • The PCS Design and Development Team (Mold and Cast)(Design) (Development)


Product Size
Height: 23″ (584.2 mm) | Width: 9.25″ (234.95 mm) | Depth: 9.25″ (234.95 mm) | *