Lupin The 3rd Lupin, Jigen, And Fujiko Statue Elite Diorama



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Figurama Collectors Lupin The 3rd Lupin, Jigen, And Fujiko Statue Elite Diorama



The unparalleled Arsène Lupin III is no common thief, traipsing the globe with his like-minded partners in crime to take on the most mischievous schemes. As the grandson of infamous gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, our favorite troublemaker is notorious for his tendency to announce his intentions ahead of each mission.

With persistent arch-nemesis Inspector Koichi Zenigata at his heels, Lupin has his dirty work cut out for him. However, he is not alone as he repeatedly and illustriously dodges the ICPO. Jigen, a master gunman and proud fedora owner, provides the bullets that can get Lupin out of any tight spot. Equal parts sass and samurai, crew member Goemon’s remarkable reaction time with the sword is a force to reckon with. Fujiko Mine, Lupin’s part-time love interest, fellow thief, and occasional adversary, uses her charm and marksmanship to make the most of every heist. For Lupin and his gang, no risk is too great in the pursuit of the next prize.


Skidding through the streets of Italy with Fujiko at the wheel of Lupin’s iconic yellow coupe, this diorama delivers all the excitement of a thrilling heist in a vivid polystone package. Lupin, Jigen, and Fujiko expertly dodge their pursuers as they weave between quintessential elements of their Italian adventure. The thieves send chairs and tables flying in clouds of tire smoke whilst bullets whizz dangerously through the air around them.

Created with the expert consideration of the Figurama team in a 1/8 scale format, details abound in the swirling winds of this moment captured amidst the suspense of Lupin the 3rd Part IV: The Italian Adventure. Our illustrious title thief, Lupin, hangs from the window of his preferred getaway car. His vibrant blue jacket juxtaposes the dark shape of his Walther P38 pistol, as trusted crewmember Daisuke Jigen shoots an explosive bullet from the other side. The cunning and beautiful Fujiko Mine takes their car drifting wildly over cobblestone, her red hair shining brightly from behind the windshield. While apples and bottles of wine tumble from crates on impact, stray bullets bend an Italian street sign and spook an unsuspecting chicken. True Lupin fans will notice that a newspaper below a falling chair pictures Lupin’s “wanted” poster, and that tarot cards flying from an impacted table hold subtle references to another much-loved franchise. Beneath the chaos lies an ultra-detailed layer of cobblestone that rests above a slice of underground rock, interspersed with sewage pipes that add a sense of realism to this explosive scene.

Product Features:

  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Includes Exclusive A3 Art print
  • Materials: Polystone, PU, PVC, Transparent Resin
  • Concept Artist: Daniel Kamarudin
  • 3D Artist/Sculptor : Luigi Terzi
  • Coloring Artist : Fahad Al-Dhuwaihi

Product Dimensions: Approximately H 31cm x W 32cm x D 41cm


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