Iron Man Mark VII Life-Size Figure

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Sideshow Collectibles Iron Man Mark VII Life-Size Figure

Life-Size Figures are made to order.  Please inquire if you would like to purchase (even if it says sold out) ?


“The Avengers. That’s what we call ourselves; we’re sort of like a team. ‘Earths mightiest heroes’ type thing”

Bring a piece of Stark Tower into your home! Inspired by the suit created in the first Avengers movie, Sideshow’s Iron Man Mk VII Armor is a 1:1 scale, life-sized museum-quality replica that raises the bar for screen accuracy and detail.

Lit from below by its illuminated base, the light glinting from its slightly bulkier shape and distinctive red, gold and silver armored shell, the Mk VII is an eye-catching and visually stunning suit of armor worthy of an Avenger.
Standing well over 6 feet tall, the Mk VII makes for a strikingly impressive and attention-grabbing display piece. With its bright light-up eyes, arc reactor and palm repulsors, Iron Man’s iconic armor is the crowning jewel of any Hall of Armor, and quite possibly the ultimate high-end Iron Man and Marvel Comics collectible

Sideshow’s limited edition Iron Man Mk VII Life-Size Figure is the ultimate luxury Iron Man collectible, perfect for any home theater, gallery or cinematic display!

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Life-Size Figure
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Product Size
Height: 82.65″ (2099.31 mm) | Width: 42.5″ (1079.5 mm) | Depth: 42.5″ (1079.5 mm) | Weight: 130.00 lbs (58.97 kg) *