Infinity Studio Sylvanas Windrunner Bust Life-Size World Of Warcraft Limited Collectible Statue



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Infinity Studio Sylvanas Windrunner Bust Life-Size World Of Warcraft Limited Collectible Statue

World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by Blizzard Entertainment that has been one of the world’s most popular games for more than a decade.

As one of the most iconic and enduring characters, the Dark Lady Sylvanas possesses a sharp mind, superb art skills, and a powerful aura.

Ranger-General, Banshee Queen, Warchief, etc. Many titles have belonged to Sylvanas Windrunner. For some, she is a heroine, while for others, she is a villain. But whether in pursuit of justice, vengeance, or something more, Sylvanas has always sought to control her destiny.

From Infinity Studio’s first collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment, the officially licensed 1/1 scale Sylvanas Bust is finally revealed! We are thrilled to unveil the Infinity Studio Sylvanas Windrunner Bust Life-Size World Of Warcraft Limited Collectible Statue through Comic Concepts!

Details For Infinity Studio Sylvanas Windrunner Bust Life-Size World Of Warcraft Limited Collectible Statue

**Please note that the edition size is officially set at 428**

The design of the sculpture is based on Sylvanas’ appearance in “World of Warcraft”. The base depicts Sylvanas Windrunner’s complex background story vividly in the form of relief sculpture to illustrate the intriguing and turning story of the Dark Lady.

Sylvanas Windrunner was not always the Dark Lady of the Forsaken. In another life, she was the Ranger-General of Silvermoon. But that was before the Death Knight Arthas slew her and her people and raised her as the first Banshee.

After becoming the Banshee, her skin turns pale bluish-white, but she still retains those sharp ears from her high elf days. In anger, her furrowed brows and slightly raised corners of her mouth indicated slight contempt. The red eyes with blood and tears glared at her front, showing the dark charm to its full extent with her sharp look as a commander.

As a former high elf, Sylvanas is skilled in archery, and the bow and arrow are her weapons of choice. The dark-toned ranger general’s attire, a mix of shiny armor and matte leather, gives her an overall appearance that balances strength and softness. Just like in her living days, she prefers to wear her own hood. The delicate paintwork of skulls and feathers also accurately recreates the most fitting visual effects for her character.

The quiver is intricately detailed, from the color variations created by stitching multiple pieces of leather to the luster of the metal designs, all convincingly realistic. The battle-worn details on the metal parts of the quiver are rich and complex, with layered, varied depths of blade marks, enhancing the statue’s overall presence and reflecting Sylvanas’ battle-hardened nature.

Although the arrow feathers share a design approach with the shoulder armor’s feather decorations, the feathers are deliberately trimmed and reprocessed in the manufacturing process to ensure aerodynamic efficiency. The straight tail feathers used by the queen emphasize range and power. The detailed portrayal of the wooden texture of the arrows and the binding ropes is fully exhibited in the 1/1 scale statue.

The statue is made of medical-grade platinum silicone, which is colorless, odorless, non-greasy, resistant to high-temperature aging, and durable for long-term display. The hair part of the statue uses implantation technology, with realistic hair color and a natural display, employing over a hundred thousand high-temperature-resistant fibers to replicate the character’s hair accurately. Additionally, the statue’s eyes are custom-made prosthetics, with glowing pupils that vividly convey the fiery crimson in Sylvanas’ gaze.

Additional Details For Infinity Studio Sylvanas Windrunner Life-Size Bust World Of Warcraft Limited Collectible Statue

  • Dimension: H:99*W72*D78 (CM)
  • Material: Platinum silicone, Polystone, High temp wire, Real Fabric, etc.


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