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Hellboy Statue The Golden Army 1/4 Superb Scale

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Blitzway Hellboy Statue The Golden Army 1/4 Superb Scale


With a devil-like appearance and powerful weapons, the ‘Samaritan’ and the ‘Big Baby’, his appearance reminds you of hell.

Director Guillermo Del Toro’s paranormal occult hero film, ‘Hellboy’!!

Hellboy, half-human and half-devil, has two big horns on his head and a long thick tail.

Hell, even his skin is red all over. He looks like the devil himself, but we still love him.

Hellboy is a paranormal investigator for the ‘Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense’ (B.P.R.D.) and solves many mysteries.

Blitzway’s R&D team faithfully recreated this special hero from the original movie.

Hellboy is equipped with the ‘Samaritan’, the ‘Big Baby’, a utility belt, and a coat that looks realistic, perfectly recreating the feel of the movie.

The diorama base, made in style of the movie ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’, implicitly captures the movie’s story.

Check out Blitzway’s newest work, Hellboy, right now!

Product Specifications

・ Authentic Likeness of Hellboy Statue, approx. 70cm tall
・ Highly Detailed Fabric Coat
・ Swappable Head (1 pc)
・ Samaritan (1 pc) & Bullets (4 pcs)
・ Big Baby (1 pc) & Bullets (6 pcs)
・ Swappable Hand (1 pc)
・ Cigar (1 pc)
・ Bracelet (1 pc)
・ Metal Chain on the Belt (1 pc)

1. Head : PVC
2. Body : Polystone + Metal
3. Accessories : PVC, ABS, Metal
4. Base : Polystone, PVC
5: Costume : Fabric, Metal, Wire
6. Package : Color EPP + Color Box

★Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
★Prototype shown, final product might be slightly different.

Producer: Sungwoong Bae, Won Choi
Planner: Sungwoong Bae
Executive Director: Director K (Kwon Hyuck Chul)
Marketing: Won Choi
Senior Director: Typhoon Kim
Production Management: Director K (Kwon Hyuck Chul)
Art Director: K. A. Kim
Art Supervisor: Rainman
Art Manager: Daehwan Hwang
Head Sculpt: Ingu Kim, Eo Jin
Body Sculpt: Eo Jin, Bokyung Kim
3D Sculptures: reFe Yoon, Habin Wang, Inho Hawng, Sanghyuk Yoon
Costume Fabrication: SangHee, Ara Kim
Head & Body Painting: Rainman, Wookjin Yang
Painting: Kwangse Oh, Hansol Yu
Assistant Artist: Ban_C, Kyoungwook Kim, Myunghyun Kim, Hyungju Nam
Concept Design: Changkyu Kim
Graphic Design: Zhou hai, MCjoajoa
Assistant Manager: Eric Lee, Lang Xu
Photographer: Shingiru Studio
Editor of Photography: Zhou hai
Package Design: Zhou hai

The Blitzway Design & Development Team
Manufactured by : BLITZWAY CO., LTD.