Doctor Who : Tenth Doctor Sixth Scale Figure

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Waking on Christmas Day in his new form, the Doctor fought the Sycorax high above London, where he lost a hand but grew a new one with remnant regenerative power. During his travels he battled Cybermen, werewolves, and possibly, the Devil itself. He defeated his nemesis the Master once more and met River Song for the first time. After a confrontation with the Time Lords, and fatally dosed with radiation, the Tenth Doctor’s song ended. His violent regeneration burned the TARDIS and sent it crashing through space.

Join with us as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Doctor Who Sixth Scale Collection with the Definitive Series figure collection. The Tenth Doctor features two interchangeable breathtakingly realistic sculpted portraits with positionable eyes, affording collectors a greater range of posing options. The figure sports an all-new beautifully tailored detailed costume and an array of accessories for fans to create the ultimate display.

Doctor Who
BIG Chief Studios
Sixth Scale Figure
  • Inigo Gil (Head Sculpt)
  • Caitlin Ashford (Sculpt)
  • Greggo (Project Manager) (Fabrication) (Paint) (Photography)
  • Mark Andrews (Packaging Design)
  • Yelim Choi (Fabrication) (Paint)
  • Morgan Cox (Packaging Design) (Photography)
  • BIG Chief Studios Ltd. (Design) (Development)
  • Bleau Aquino (Costume Development)


The Tenth Doctor Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Fully realized likeness of the Tenth Doctor as portrayed by David Tennant
  • Interchangeable portraits (smiling and intense) with positionable eyes
  • Authentically styled and tailored costume including:
  • Trench coat
  • Pin-striped suit jacket
  • Pin-striped suit trousers
  • Blue shirt
  • Swirl print tie
  • Pair of trainers (cream)
  • Pair of trainers (black)

Scaled prop accessories including:

  • Sonic screwdriver (regular)
  • Sonic screwdriver (extended)
  • Psychic paper in wallet
  • Pair of spectacles
  • Pair of sunglasses
  • Koh-i-Noor diamond
  • Reinette’s Letter
  • Drinking goblet
  • Carrionites crystal ball
  • Diary of Impossible Things
  • Interchangeable hands (x 10)
  • Display base with illuminating feature
  • Printed backdrops (x 2)


  • Special TARDIS themed collector box

Thanks to: BBC Studios

Special Thanks to Matthew Toffolo


Product Size
Height: 12″ (30.5 cm)
Weight: 2.65 lbs (1.2 kg) *

Box Size
Height: 6.00″ (15.2 cm)
Width: 9.00″ (22.9 cm)
Depth: 15.00″ (38.1 cm) *