Prime 1 Studio Demon’s Souls Tower Knight Statue Limited Collectible



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Prime 1 Studio Demon’s Souls Tower Knight Statue Limited Collectible

“You shall obtain the demon soul…and power beyond human imagination.”

Prime 1 Studio is thrilled to introduce the first character of the Ultimate Premium Masterline Series of Demon’s Souls Statues: UPMDMS-01DX: Tower Knight Deluxe Bonus Version from Demon’s Souls!

Known as one of the greatest and most influential games of all time, Demon’s Souls launched a plethora of “Soulslike” action role-playing games since its inception. Its high difficulty and addictive gameplay place it in the well-deserved legendary territory! Step into the dark and foreboding world of Demon’s Souls, an unforgiving realm full of danger, mystery, and challenging battles.

Set in the kingdom of Boletaria, Demon’s Souls puts the player in the role of a hero on a mission to save the land from an invasion of demonic hordes. Prime 1 Studio is therefore incredibly proud to reveal one of the most amazing Bosses of Demon’s Souls in the form of the Tower Knight.

The craftspeople at Prime 1 Studio have once again outdone themselves with the Tower Knight himself and every small detail in this magnificent statue. From top to bottom, we can appreciate all the sculpting work done through all the impressive scrollwork and filigree that has been worked into the thick magical armor.

Standing over 23 inches tall, the gigantic Tower Knight’s suit of armor is also contrasted with the indestructible chainmail he wears underneath. Every link has been carefully colored and textured with the utmost attention to detail. Every armor plate, from his helmet to his gauntlet to his boots, is impressively rendered in shiny metallic paint.

The Tower Knight Statue is ready to engage in battle with his lance in his right hand and the thick and towering shield protecting his left side. The colossal being stands on a stone base and guards the palace from the Courtyard Arena, scarce with grass and moss grew over the years.

The Deluxe Version comes with our hero at the feet of the Tower Knight. Though heavily armored in plate, his nimble feet and quick wits will save him from certain death as the giant lance swings around to deal fatal blows. Offensively posed and ready to dodge, he is ready to slash at the behemoth’s heels with his trusty sword and yellow dragon shield.

And when you order the Deluxe Bonus Version, your statue comes with an Archstone with ember eyes, a blade plunged at its head as a bonus part.

Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer to the kingdom of Boletaria and Souls-like game, this piece is a must-add to your Souls collection, meant to give you that adrenaline rush as you walk past that wall of fog.

Conjure this amazing statue diorama for yourself and Pre-order the UPMDMS-01DXS: Tower Knight Deluxe Bonus Version today and reexperience the thrill of Demon’s Souls in a whole new way!

Specifications Prime 1 Studio Demon’s Souls Tower Knight Statue Limited Collectible Deluxe:

  • Boletarian Palace Courtyard themed-base
  • One (1) Hero Knight
  • One (1) Archstone [BONUS PART]

Specifications Prime 1 Studio Demon’s Souls Tower Knight Statue Limited Collectible Collectors:

  • Boletarian Palace Courtyard themed-base



Formats Ultimate Premium Masterline
Series Demon’s Souls
Scale Non Scale
Product Code UPMDMS-01
Product Size Approx. H:59cm W:60cm D:82cm
Product Carton Boxes Approx. 2
Product Weight Approx. 26.5 kg
Material Polystone and other materials


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