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DC Comics The Joker Premium Format Figure Exclusive

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Sideshow Collectibles DC Comics The Joker Premium Format Figure (Exclusive)

Collector’s Edition Limited to 1500

Exlusive Edition Limited to 750


All I’ve ever wanted is to have a good time…and to annoy Batman whenever possible, of course.”


Sideshow is proud to present The Joker Premium Format™ Figure, making mayhem for Gotham wherever he goes.


The key to humor is a good punch line- The Joker measures 25” tall atop a pogo-fist base inspired by his own suit sleeve, fitted with a dilapidated carnival game head. A giant purple glove is breaking the Gotham courthouse Seal of Justice, while his patented toxic laughing gas leaks from the wreckage. A Batusi 8-track hides on the control panel of The Joker’s crazy contraption along with a carved heart with H+J as a symbol of their mad love.


Bouncing into battle, the Clown Prince of Crime comes equipped with a Joker Fish tommy gun to put the fin-ishing touches on his elaborate scheme. The Joker has a maniacal, scarred portrait with his iconic face makeup and coiffed green hair, and a sculpted purple two-piece suit, green vest, and orange shirt. His suit is outfitted with intricate stitching details as well as a grinning Batgirl plush pinned to his lapel.  Always playing the heel to Batman’s heroic antics, The Joker has a custom pair of shoes with ‘Ha!’ treads and a “Your Face Here” on the soles.


Give Batman the ol’ one-two punch when you pair The Joker with his best girl, the Harley Quinn Premium Format™ Figure. Gotham will never know what hit them!


The Exclusive edition of The Joker Premium Format™ Figure includes an alternate classic portrait of the Clown Prince of Crime, as well as a swap-out right hand holding a special cake for Batman. These accessories can be swapped out independently of one another, giving you additional display options.


Joke’s on you!  Start clowning around and add The Joker Premium Format™Figure to your DC collection today.

DC Comics
Premium Format™ Figure
Sideshow Collectibles
  • Ian MacDonald (Design)
  • Alex Pascenko (Design)
  • Zac Roane (Design)
  • Matt Black (Sculpt)
  • Alejandro Pereira (Sculpt)
  • Martin Canale (Sculpt)
  • Adam Smith (Mold & Cast)
  • Kat Sapene (Paint)
  • The Sideshow Design and Development Team


Dimensions and Weight

Product Size:  25″ H (635mm) x 17″ W (431.8mm) x 12″ L (304.8mm)

Box Size:  15.00″ H (381mm) x 23.00″ W (584.2mm) x 31.00″ L (787.4mm)

Product Weight: 14.00 lbs (6.35 kg)

Dimensional Weight: 47.0000 lbs

Int’l Dim. Weight: 77.0000 lbs




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