Akame ga Kill Akame Statue

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Espada Art Akame ga Kill Akame Statue


ESPADA is proud to introduce our second statue from the Akame ga Kill! anime series, Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame. Limited to 250-400 pieces worldwide.



For this piece, we wanted to capture Akame’s determination and unwavering strength when faced with a foe as dangerous as Esdeath. During their climactic battle, Akame is pushed to her limits and has to summon her trump card, Little War Horn, covering her body with the curse of Murasame. Two of Esdeath’s ice spikes can be seen slashed in half as Akame stands at the ready in the midst of the black flames of her aura. Created in 1/6th scale, this statue is limited to 250-400 pieces worldwide and will come with a certificate of authenticity and assembly instructions booklet.



Akame ga Kill!1/6thH:11  W:11  D:11Q2 2021


Kevin Orozco, Duncan Capriotti & Jose GarciaThiago Richau & Ramon RalvezAlan SalesDaehwan Huang & Tom Mcweeney