Master Forge Series Legolas Silicone Statue

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Infinity Studios Lord Of The Rings Master Forge Series Legolas Silicone Statue 1/2 Scale


In this series we adopted half scale with full body and exquisite details restoration with ultimate presence, we will meet the desire of collectors to pursue ultimate-class collection.

Legolas Greenleaf, son of Serandoi, prince of Mirkwood Realm. He is an important role of the Fellowship of the Ring and the best archer in Middle-earth. Legolas’ name means “green leaf” in Elvish. The elegance of the elves and the bravery of the warriors were perfectly united in him.

During the making process, we took references from many official data and visual materials. We even bought movie replicas as our reference, to replicate every single detail.

His hair and eyebrows are made from high-temperature silk with our high-quality hair plant and we restored the handsome image of Legolas through hand-braided hair.

The costume restoration is at the highest level. His coat and trousers are made of tailored suede, lined with silk, and the straps, belt, and knife bag are all imitation leather. The texture is extraordinary.

The weapons used by Legolas, such as the bow and the bow bag, were sculpted and painted according to the film’s design, with delicate carved patterns and painting.


1/2 Master Forge Series statues are equipped with NFC chips that collectors can touch with their NFC-enabled phones to unlock more information and create more possibilities.



Ultimate Edition (250psc): Platinum silicone head sculpture, polystone, fabric, etc


Premium Edition (600psc): PVC head sculpture, polystone, fabric, etc.


Dimensions: H (104cm) * W (49cm) * L (51cm)