Black Adam Statue Champion Edition


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Prime 1 Studio Black Adam Statue Champion Edition

“I was a slave until I died. Then I was reborn a god. My son sacrificed his life to save me. Now…I kneel before no one.” – Teth-Adam

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present an amazing, eagerly anticipated statue in the Museum Masterline DC Theatrical Series: the 1:3 Scale Black Adam Champion Edition from 2022’s Black Adam!

After 5,000 years, Teth-Adam has been awakened to a very different world. While many things might be unfamiliar to him, he will always know the stench of evil and injustice! Empowered by ancient Egyptian gods, Black Adam is unstoppable.

While not an outright hero, Black Adam is an antihero out to punish those who have evil in their heart. The Black Adam Champion Edition portrays Black Adam in the enlightened and powerful visage of his enormous bulk, deadly serious stare, and golden armor…signifying that he is determined to mete out punishment to those who deserve it, though they may not deserve death.

At a breathtaking 37.8 inches tall and enrobed in his removable fabric cape, Black Adam floats above his Khandaq-themed base, with the Black Adam film logo emblazoned front and center. Black Adam comes with two (2) swappable heads portraying a serious tone, and a deafening scream. His eyes and chest symbol light up with the power of LED illumination to showcase the power of Shazam!

This film and statue have both been long in the making…but now, they are both ready for you! Pre-Order the MMBA-01 Black Adam Champion Edition today and hold the power of Shazam! in your hands before they run out!!!


  • Khandaq-themed base
  • LED Illumination in the Chest
  • One (1) Swappable Head
  • Two (2) Pairs of Swappable Hands
  • One (1) Removable and Poseable Fabric Cloak
  • One (1) Swappable Head with LED Illuminated Eyes


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