Gandalf The White
Gandalf The White
Gandalf The White
Gandalf The White

Weta Workshop

Gandalf The White

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About This PVC Statue

On the battlefield, Gandalf the White shines like a blazing star. Staff in one hand, sword in the other; he’s returned from death and ruin to rally the people of Gondor in their hour of need. And not a moment too soon. The Lord of the Nazgûl has entered the fray.

From the certified cool-stuff addicts at Weta Workshop, you can let your fan flag fly with Figures of Fandom: iconic characters from the hottest in pop culture! Made from high-quality PVC and standing at approximately 9" tall, each character is faithfully rendered from licensed 3D assets and comes complete with a stylized environmental base!



  • By fans, for fans
  • 12.6" tall;
  • Made from high-quality PVC;
  • Paired with his sword Glamdring & White Wizard staff;
  • Translucent wizardry elements;
  • Sculpted by Tarn Greenlaw.


We’ve designed Gandalf the White as a companion piece to the Witch-King of Angmar. Get your hands on your favourite figure or collect them both to recreate the clash at Minas Tirith; seen in the Extended Edition of The Return of the King.


Dimensions:9.84" x 12.59" x 9.84" (W x H x D) ; 25 cm x 32 cm x 25 cm

Weight:1.48 lbs (0.675 kg)