BERSERK Schierke Statue Bonus Edition

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Prime 1 Studio BERSERK Schierke Statue Bonus Edition

“To think that a senseless death can create this much malice…”

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the 1/4 scale UPMBR-09: SCHIERKE Statue from Berserk.

Schierke is a young ‘witch-in-training’ and was once a disciple of the witch Flora. She is a valuable companion of Guts. She wears a purple robe and a typical witch’s hat, she carries a wooden staff and a brown bag. She is accompanied by an Elf – Ivalera – who usually sits atop her hat.

Sculpted in approximately 20 inches tall, crafted with a high attention to details including the specially designed base inspired by the Mansion of the Spirit Tree with golems who protected the place from intruders.

The pre-order bonus is an additional swappable head – the Pirate Clown-like face painted by Isidro and Puck while Schierke was training Farnese in Astral Projection.

Don’t miss out to add this magical piece to your Berserk collection!


  • Statue Size approximately 20 inches tall with Witch’s Staff [H:49.7cm W:38.9cm D:38.9cm]
  • Statue Size approximately 17 inches tall with Grimoire [H:44cm W:38.9cm D:38.9cm]
  • One (1) specially designed base
  • Two (2) Swappable Head Parts (Normal, Wearing Glasses)
  • Two (2) Swappable Left Hand Parts (Holding Staff, Holding Book)
  • Two (2) Swappable Right Hand Parts (Holding Potion, Normal)
  • One (1) Early Pre-order Bonus Head (Pirate Clown-like face painted by Isidro and Puck)

Format: Ultimate Premium Masterline

Series: Berserk

Scale: 1/4 Scale

Product Code: UPMBR-09S

Product Size Approx.: H:49.7cm W:38.9cm D:38.9cm(With Witch’s Staff)
H:44cm W:38.9cm D:38.9cm(With Grimoire)

Product Weight Approx.: 10.9kg

Material: Polystone and other materials