We've changed the way our payment plans work!

Payment plans will now begin AFTER your item is in stock, and guess what, we will ship the item to you BEFORE IT IS PAID OFF!


On Pre-Orders:

1.   Choose the 20% Option

2.   Checkout as if you are simply placing your deposit

3.   When the item arrives in stock, you will be prompted to pay the Balance + Shipping.  Click PayPal Credit and you will go on a Payment Plan with PayPal!  This plan allows you to receive your item immediately, and open a line of credit to pay off your figure/statue over 6 months INTEREST FREE!


On In Stock:

1.  Add your item to cart and proceed to the Checkout Page

2.  When prompted for Payment Method, select PayPal Credit.  PayPal Credit will take over your transaction and open a line of credit for you to pay off your collectible over a 6 month period INTEREST FREE!   Your item will ship immediately!